Scholarly Ontology (SO) is an ontological framework for representing knowledge in the scholarly domain. It offers a flexible mechanism for modeling scholarly practices in the form of research processes that are carried out by scholars and represent their work. Modeling scholarly work with SO, allows for easy access to information, encoded in such a way that can answer questions of the form who does what, how, why, where, etc.

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The ActivityTypes taxonomy is a vocabulary of terms that denote the type (i.e. the nature / scope) of scholarly activities. These terms are organized in a hierarchical order so each one is connected with its broader / narrower neighbor(s), thus forming a taxonomy that can be used to categorize activities by type.

Moreover, in Scholarly Ontology (SO) other entities can also be related to terms from the ActivityTypes Taxonomy (e.g. a Method that isEmployedFor, a Tool that isUsedFor or an Actor that hasIntention a specific type of activity respectively). This way, ActivityTypes can function as a "semantic bridge", higlighting various contextual aspects of SO entites.

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Research Spotlight (RS), is a system that extracts information from research articles, enriches it with relevant information from other web sources, organizes it according to the Scholarly Ontology, and republishes it in the form of linked data. Existing information is leveraged by accessing SPARQL endpoints, scraping Web pages or through APIs. Harvested information is further used as background knowledge for training classifiers or for extracting information from semi-structured or unstructured texts.

Knowledge bases created using RS can support researchers in finding details of relevant work without reading the articles; discovering uses of resources, processes and methods in particular contexts; promoting communities of interests; formulating future directions and project proposals. Besides, funders and research councils can get a “bird’s eye view” of scholarly work useful for planning and evaluation.

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